Gugliani’s Italian

A low-carb diet isn’t always easy when you are married to a hot Italian girl. We were out running around today and my wife started craving pasta. There is no way she was going to be denied, so off we went into a carbalishous pasta and bread feast: Guglianai’s. Guglianai’s is a small neighborhood restaurant in the Meyerland area of Houston.

Before my low-carb life style, my family and I would gorge ourselves on the free hot bread and then load up on all sorts of delicious pasta dishes (my favorite was the cheese ravioli). Then go home and fall into a carb-induced comma. Not this time though. I looked up and down the menu and passed up all of the pasta dishes. It was remarkably easy. The hard part was not eating the delicious hot bread. They sprinkle rosemary on the bread when they bake it so it smells great. Plus they put out olive oil on the table so you can dip the bread in it. YUM!

The steamed artichoke was very good, and a perfect appetizer to share if you have two artichoke lovers at the table.
The steamed artichoke was very good, and a perfect appetizer to share if you have two artichoke lovers at the table.

I managed to stay away from the bread and ordered a steamed artichoke for an appetizer. They offer it with and without bread crumbs, so my wife and I opted for the sans breadcrumb version. They split the artichoke into so it is perfect to split between two people. I dipped the leaves in the table olive oil mixed with black and red pepper. I am a big fan of artichokes, so this was a pretty good diversion from the bread.

IMG_4174For the main course I selected the Pollo alla Griglia: a grilled chicken breast with goat cheese, fresh sage, roasted red peppers and garlic butter sauce. The sides they offer are sautéed baby spinach and pasta. I asked the waiter to double my spinach and he was happy to oblige. The chicken was well cooked. The sauce was good, but not overdone. The spinach was also very good. It was loaded with garlic, which is fine with me.

Aside from a bit of goat cheese, I was able to stay paleo, and I did not feel the least bit cheated. Plus, I was the only one in my family that didn’t need a nap when we got home.

While Gugliani’s isn’t the best, most imaginative, or authentic Italian restaurant in Houston, it is a very convenient place to grab a good meal at a reasonable price.


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  1. Looks good! When will you be reviewing other restaurants?


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