Eating Paleo at Chuy’s on Elvis’s Birthday

Where else would you go to lunch on Elvis’s birthday than Chuy’s? Chuy’s is a chain of tex-mex restaurants and one of my favorite places to eat. The chain always has a consistent level of high quality with a quirky waitstaff and decor. The successful chain is quickly expanding outside of Texas. Get ready for real tex-mex world. Chuy’s has a crazy obsession with Elvis. From the velvet Elvis paintings on the wall to the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo on their menu, and the Elvis shrine in every restaurant, Elvis is still the king at Chuy’s. On Elvis’s birthday, Chuy’s goes all out. The TVs all play Elvis movies, and the the soundtrack is filled with classic hits from The King. They even give Elvis’s favorite desert “Twinkies” to you as you leave. If you’ve never been there on the king’s birthday, you have to go, but stay away from those evil Twinkies.

Before I went paleo I used to gorge myself on their chuychongas  with deluxe tomatilla sauce.  If you are not familiar with their version of a chimichanga, it is a half-pound of deep fried heaven. Definitely off the menu for all of us  hunter and gatherers, but fear not there are still loads of great things to eat at Chuy’s. Today I treated myself to chicken fajitas, and man were they good. I poured their famous creamy jalapeno on top of the tender and juicy strips of perfectly cooked chicken and grilled onions. They were accompanied with plenty of pico de gallo, cheese and guacamole. Instead of beans and rice, I opted for their grilled veggie medley which consisted of squash, bell pepper, zucchini, and onions. It also had some corn sprinkled in, but I picked around it.

Everything was perfect: friendly waitstaff,  fun atmosphere, and most importantly, delicious paleo-friendly food. If you can stay away from the corn chips, you can easily stay paleo and feel completely satisfied at Chuy’s.

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