Eating Paleo, Mexican Style

Mexican food is my favorite! So eating paleo at Mexican restaurants has not been hard for me since I realized that my options do not start and stop at the enchilada section of the menu. I went to Cantina Laredo located in the West Chase area of Houston recently, and I was not disappointed. I was a bit surprised to find that Cantina Laredo is a chain with restaurants scattered around Texas and the United States. They have several locations as far north as  Pennsylvania and New York, and internationally inAbu Dhabi and London. I normally don’t eat Mexican food outside Texas, but if my travels ever take me to a city with a Cantina Laredo, I’ll give them a try if I’m craving Mexican. You can always tell if I’m craving Mexican food by my pulse. If I have a pulse, I’m craving Mexican food.

The Meal
I  started off with a cup of Chili Con Queso. They do queso right at Cantina Laredo. The cheese is creamy, but not too thick, and tastes as good as any I have had. For the main course, I tried their Chipotle Pollo Fajitas, a sizzling plate of deliciousness. The menu describes the dish as chicken fajitas topped with chipotle-wine sauce, bacon, mushrooms and melted monterey jack cheese. The Fajitas were tender and juicy, and the sauce is not overdone. In fact, I hardly noticed that there was a sauce. The bacon was a really nice touch, and it did what bacon does: make everything better. The dish came with a side of pico de gallo and their signature guacamole.


Chipotle Pollo Fajitas at Cantina Laredo
Chipotle Pollo Fajitas at Cantina Laredo

Instead of rice and beans, I asked for grilled vegetables. They brought me a dish of grilled zucchini and peppers. It was really good, but I have noticed that zucchini and squash seem to be the alternative side dish of choice for Mexican food restaurants. These are not my favorite veggies, but these were flavorful, and you can’t live on bacon and chicken breast alone!

Grilled zucchini at Cantina Laredo
Grilled zucchini at Cantina Laredo


The Conclusion
If you have a Cantina Laredo near you try this dish. It’s paleo friendly and tastes great. It is also quite filling. You won’t leave hungry even with out the beans and rice filler. And best yet, you won’t need a nap from the carb over dose.


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