Paleo Frozen Dinners

I’ve mentioned before how my wife loves to feed me. After she gifted me Graze and it didn’t work out, she tried a new food delivery service: Beetnik. As you may recall, I found Graze’s food tasty, but there were not enough low-carb options available. Graze is different almost all of their food is gluten free. According to their website, their foods  “never contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavorings, hormones, or antibiotics.I tried a variety pack that included lots of fresh meats including pasture -raised chicken and grass-fed beef, but today I’ll be reviewing the frozen dinners.

I started out with the Grass Fed Beef Meatballs. Hey, my Italian wife bought it for me, “whatcaha gonna do?” I was expecting typical bland frozen food, but to my surprise, I found flavor, and lots of it! The sauce was tangy, loaded with garlic, and had little kick of heat. Crispy carrots and zucchini replace the pasta normally associated with meatballs. Speaking of meatballs, there were well seasoned and tender. What a great surprise. It made eating at my desk much more rewarding than usual.

Beetnik Grass Fed Beef Chili.
Beetnik Grass Fed Beef Chili.

Next I tried the Grass Fed Beef Chili. I am a native Texan, and a serious chili fan, so I was a bit skeptical as to how good Beetnik frozen chili would be, but once again Beetnik  “knew their groceries.” The chilli had a nice kick, which is usually missing from pre-cooked meals. The smell was great also. Everyone in the lunchroom was envious of my meal as they warmed up their sad, carbs-in-box frozen dinners. This was serious chili. I have to admit, It was better than my homemade chili. Only I didn’t have to baby sit a crockpot all day to get it. Just 4 minutes in the microwave and it was done. I’ll definitely order more of these.

I also tried  the Peruvian Stew with Organic Chicken. Unlike chili, I’m no expert on Peruvian stew, so I have no idea if this was authentic or not, but It tasted very good. The stew was full of organic chicken with all natural tomato and a red and yellow pepper based sauce. I have to say it was light years better than the lame Campbell’s soup I used to chug at my desk in my pre-paleo days.

After such a pleasant surprise, I had to find out a bit more about Beetnik. The company was founded by David Perkins, a Cordon Bleu trained chef. They operate out of a small house in east Austin, and source their ingredients from central Texas farms and ranches, and you can tell they are crafted with much more care than your typical grocery store frozen dinners. The dinners are pretty pricey, but I feel like I got what my wife paied for. Beetnik dishes are still less expensive than dining out for lunch especially considering the wholesome and healthy ingredients used to make the meals. My only complaint is that the portions are a bit small for the price. Come on David, hook me up with a little more grub.I’m a glutton (not to be confused with gluten.) I had to supplement a bit by bringing an avocado to eat with my meal that I had brought for an afternoon snack.

All in all my trial of Beetnik was a very positive. I’ll definitely order some bulk meals soon to stock up for those days that I can’t get out of the office for lunch. On another note, Beetnik’s web site looks great (that’s my inner design nerd talking.) My message to Beetnik: Keep up the good work daddy-o.

What do you guys eat for lunch on days when you can’t bring leftovers?


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