Going Paleo at a Sushi Restaurant

It is hard to get more paleo than raw fish, but eating paleo at sushi restaurants is trickier than I thought. I have loved sushi since my college days. Like most people, I got started on  California Rolls, and worked my way up to the more adventurous stuff from there. Mu favorite sushi place in Houston is The Blue Fish. The chain has several locations in Dallas and Houston, but the one I like the Washington Avenue location in Houston. The restaurant is dimly lit with splashes of neon here and there. The thing I love most about The Blue fish is their inventive rolls. They often fuse other cuisines into the roll, like the Cubano with spicy marinated Pork, fresh jalapeño, cilantro, green pepper, pickled carrot with sweet & spicy sauce. Or my old favorite, the Pinata with Spicy Tuna, mango, Snow Crab meat, cilantro, fresh jalapeño, cayenne pepper, topped with seared tuna and shrimp, served with ponzu, creamy wasabi sauce and martini sauce. But rolls mean rice, and rice is off the table for me. Although rice is one of the carbs that is a bit controversial. Paleo leap has a nice article on rice.  Since my goal with a paleo diet is to keep my blood sugar under control, I tend to stay away. Another trap to watch out for is soy sauce. That’s right, soy sauce is made with wheat and of course, soy.

Paleo Appetizers

So with rolls of the menu what’s a modern cave man to do? Not to worry there is still plenty to eat at The Blue Fish.  I started out with Yellowtail and Salmon Heaven Sashimi with shaved fresh jalapeño, a citrus  sauce, and topped with a touch  of  Sriracha sauce. The dish was fantastic. The citrus sauce and the accents of spiciness from the jalapeno and Sriracha ensured that I didn’t miss the soy sauce at all.

Paleo Sushi
Yellowtail and Salmon Heaven form The Blue Fish

 The main course: More raw fish.

For the main course I ordered Tuna and Mackeral sashimi. The portions were large for a sushi restaurant. All of it was very fresh and tasty, but it was pretty pricy. We are talking close to $40 for just my portion, and I was still a bit hungry. I forgot how much space rice takes up in my gut. I really like wasabi, so I just smeared a thin layer of it right on the fish. It added a nice kick to the fish, and I didn’t really miss the soy sauce that much. I have to admit I still missed the saltiness a bit.

The Verdict

The Blue fish is still a great place with plenty of paleo option, but be prepared to drop some cash, and you still might leave hungry if you are a big eater like me.

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