El Big Bad Paleo Review

Tacos and Tequilla

For anyone that has read my past reviews you know I love Tex-mex. Before going paleo, I loved stuffing myself with tacos and knocking back a couple of margaritas. Now that I have adapted to the paleo lifestyle I’ve found I can still indulge on tacos and fajitas. No tortillas: no problem.  But what about the margaritas you ask? Those are a serious no no for me. Most margaritas are loaded with more sugar than a Venezuelan sugarcane field. Ok, I exaggerate a bit, but according to Livestrong a 32oz frozen margarita can have up to 156 grams of sugar. That’s more sugar than you find in a vanilla McDonnald’s milkshake (101g). For someone watching their sugar and carbohydrate intake, that’s enough to make you start drinking… wait, quit drinking.

El Big Bad to the rescue.

El Big Bad
El Big Bad, Houston, Tex-mex restaurant

My wife and I had the opportunity to have a date night, and I wanted to go somewhere cool. A friend suggested  El Big Bad in downtown houston. The restaurant had a cool, and funky vibe, complete with decor featuring Mexican wrestler and tarot card art. Being a designer at heart, I have to say that I love their logo depicting a stylized werewolf. The staff was young, hip, and attentive, but what about the food, and drinks?

Low-carb drinking

So, if sugary margaritas are off the menu what do you do? Go straight to the source. Tequila is the ingredient that makes margaritas magical, not sugar, and the good stuff is made 100% from agave. That means no grains, no gluten, and that it is minimally processed. Sounds pretty paleo to me. Better yet, there is evidence that agave can actually lower blood sugar according to phys.org. So how much sugar does tequila actually have? Zero. Zero grams of sugar and zero grams of total carbs. I know what you are thinking, but it tastes terrible by itself.

Low Carb and sugar drinks
El Big Bad infused tequila flight

Well, our friends at El Big Bad have found a way to help with that. Their infused tequilas taste really good, and there are dozens to choose from, so many I couldn’t choose just one, so I ordered a flight which is three tequila shots. The three flavors I ordered were black tea, vanilla almond, and skull. The black tea and vanilla almond were in fused with what you would think. The vanilla almond tasted pretty good, and was not at all sweet. The black tea was delicious. It tasted like a really strongly spiked ice tea.  The Skull was not flavored with skulls thankfully! It was flavored with habanero and jalapeno pepper seeds, and it was hot and tasty. They also offered hotter infused tequila, but they sounded like dares, and trust me. The skull was hot enough for me and I like hot stuff. They all tasted good enough to sip. Trust me, these are not the tequilas you remember shooting in college and having to suck on a lime for your life like a scuba diver on a oxygen tank.

Gluten-free tacos.

Attachment-1 (4)
El Big Bad’s 44 Farm Carne Asada, Black Hill Carnitas, and Market Fish tacos.

I used the old trick of ordering my tacos without the tortillas. The tortillas, came in little piles on my plate. I ordered three tacos. First was the Black Hill Carnitas, slow roasted pork, seasoned just right with pickled veggies and salsa verde. It was my favorite. I also had the 44 Farm Carne Asada. It is a beef steak taco with charred tomato salsa and pickled onion.  It was pretty good, but not my favorite taco in the city. The third taco was a fish taco. Its a grilled ahi tuna with cabbage, radish, and passion fruit pico. It was good also, but the serving sizes for all of the tacos were pretty small, and I wound up mooching off my wife’s fajita plate to get full.

The verdict

If you are looking for gastro-pub fare, El Big Bad is a great place to grab a bite and a few drinks in downtown Houston. They make it easy to stick to a low-carb diet. Definitely try the infused tequilas, there are plenty to choose from. The atmosphere is fun and even though the tacos are neither “big” nor “bad,” El Big Bad is a good time for people following the paleo lifestyle.


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  1. Loved this! Gotta fill me in on paleo when I get back there.


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