Best Burger in Houston Search: Cedar Creek Cafe Bar and Grill – Paleo Review

Cedar Creek really tried to capture the feel of a hill-country bar, and I have to say, they have done a nice job of it. Nestled in the Heights with a gigantic outdoor dining space, full bar, and solid menu, it has become a go-to for happy hour and lunches when the weather is nice. Cedar Creek is part of Gary Mosley’s Creek Group. Mosley also owns Onion Creek, Canyon Creek, and a bar called Lowbrow. Next year Mosley will be converting the Wabash Feed Store on Washington into another bar to further expand his business. The most interesting feature about Cedar Creek is that it actually does have a little creek that winds through the property. There is a little bridge that connects the outdoor dining area to the parking lot, and kids love to look at the little sunfish swimming in the creek. The creek and the shade trees on the property make it is easy to forget that you are smack in the middle of Houston.

The Menu

Cedar Creek has a fairly extensive menu of bar food. There are several salads, lots of appetizers, wings, sandwiches, nachos, fish tacos, etc. They even serve an old-school Frito Pie, of course that’s off the menu for all of us paleo purveyors. Have no fear though, there are lots of choices for us. The real reason for this article though is to review their burgers, and there are several to choose from. All of the burgers are half pounders and come on toasted challah buns. The obvious paleo hack is to get your burger bunless. Their burgers come with a choice of a side. You can choose from fries, poblano slaw or a side salad. The Hill Country burger is a standard burger, but they have a couple of upgraded burgers. The Blue Hog is topped with bacon and blue cheese. The Laredo is topped with white cheddar, guacamole, pickled jalapeño, and cilantro mayo. They also have turkey burger, and a non-paleo veggie burger made from black beans. I’ve tried them all accept for the turkey and veggie burgers, and my favorite has to be the Cowboy burger. It is topped with white cheddar, fried egg, applewood bacon, avocado and salsa verde.

The Burger

When you eat a burger paleo style, there is no bun to hide behind, so the patty has to be strong, and Cedar Creek does a nice job. The patty is thick and wellformed with the lettuce, tomato, onions, and some really tasty pickles on the side. The bacon and fried egg are served on top of the burger and then a generous portion of salsa verde is poured on top of everything. The bacon was nice and thick, and it was cooked to a crispy perfection.  They must use pretty lean ground beef because the patty was a bit dry. The salsa and the fried egg definitely moisten up the burger though. As for the poblano slaw, it is probably my favorite coleslaw in the city. It is creamy with strips of roasted poblano peppers. The peppers aren’t hot, but they add a nice smoky flavor to the slaw. It’s a nice side and the average coleslaw recipe has about half the calories and a third of the carbs as an order of fries according to

The Verdict

Cedar Creek is a great spot to grab a burger. Especially as the weather cools off here in Houston and you can take advantage of some open-air eating. It feels like you just went on a trip to the hill country. You won’t go wrong with the cowboy burger either. It is a solid burger. I’m not sure it tops some of the other burgers on my list, but it is a solid contender.

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