Best Burger in Houston Search: B&B Butchers & Restaurant – Paleo Review

One great thing about having a blog, is that  you get great recommendations about new restaurants. One spot that keeps coming up from my friends and blog readers is  B&B Butchers & Restaurant, so when I got invited there for a business lunch recently, I was really looking forward to it. B&B Butchers had plenty of paleo offerings to choose from. From seafoods, to fresh salads, and of course plenty of meat. As the name suggests, B&B has a full butcher shop attached to the restaurant. They cut (22 different types of cuts)  and cure all of their meat in-house, and source their meat from ranches as close as West-Texas and as far as Japan. They are only one of nine U.S. members of the Kobe Beef Association in Japan. They are serious about their meat!

Only thing is, I don’t really like to order steak for lunch, especially on someone else’s dime or expense report. So what to order? Well, I couldn’t order salad or seafood at a place this serious about meat. As I was eyeing the menu, I couldn’t help but pause on the burgers. But which one?  The Hill Country Burger with smoked sausage, pepper jack, and bbq mayo? The Butcher Shop Burger with white cheddar and applewood smoked bacon? The Spiced Lamb Burger with tabbouleh, pepper jack, and harissa ketchup? The Truffle Burger with 3 onion jam, truffle butter, and truffle aioli or the Carpet Bagger Burger?  “What is a Carpet Bagger Burger?” you may ask. Well, it starts with a half pound of fresh-ground meat, sitting on top of two slices of  thick cut bacon. Then they add three fried oysters and top it with Roquefort cheese and a Roquefort sauce with a touch of sriracha.

Fried Oysters are one of my favorite things in the world, and one of the only breaded things I still allow myself from time to time, so while they aren’t paleo, I couldn’t pass it up. The carper bagger it is.

The Burger

Let me say that when they brought out my burger, it was really impressive looking. It was a really massive burger. I was glad I ordered it bunless, because I can’t imagine a bun that could have handled this huge juicy burger for long. First off, when B&B Butchers says they have thick-cut bacon, they really mean thick. The bacon slices were close to half an inch thick. That’s thicker than most places burger patties. You can really tell they take pride in house-curing their bacon.  It was pure smoky and salty heaven. I honestly can’t remember having any better bacon than this. The patty was cooked to medium-rare perfection. The meat was outstandingly good – juicy and flavorful. Stopping there, this would be an outstanding burger, but the boys at B&B took it to the next level. The addition of the fried oysters was amazing. They lightly batter they huge oysters in a corn-meal batter, and fry them until they are crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside. Then they pile on the crumbled Roquefort cheese to add tangy blue cheese flavor. Then they top it all off in a Roquefort sauce with sriracha, which added a spicy kick to the tangy sauce.

The Verdict

This burger is truly outrageous. It is an indulgence like no other burger I have had, yet it really works well together. I am normally a purist when it comes to burgers, but I have to say this burger, all be it a bit of a novelty is grand-slam. The only bad thing about it, is that the next time I go to B&B, I might not be able to try their steak, because I might not be able to pass up the Carpet Bagger Burger.

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